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Finisar Tunes Up the SCTE Expo Trade Show

This week’s blog post comes from Shawn Esser, Director of Product Marketing for CATV Products at Finisar.

Last week Finisar demonstrated the industry’s first 1 GHz RF-modulated, widely-tunable optical transmitter in a Small-Form Factor module at the Cable Tec-Expo trade show in Orlando, Fla. The Cable-Tec Expo, organized by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), is the cable industry’s engineering show of the year and drew about 9,200 people. The active demonstration of wavelength-tunability showed a new tool for cable operators to route video and data services in the cable access network. The demonstration included two televisions, two different movie streams, and two wavelength-tunable XFP-RF transmitters. Using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), the video content showing on the televisions was swapped by changing the wavelengths of the transmitters. Customers saw how bandwidth, and thus services, could be dynamically increased to serving areas that have high contention with this new wavelength-tunable capability.

The product was very well-received by visitors to Finisar’s booth. Visitors were also impressed that Finisar’s XFP-RF transmitter is the first 1GHz RF-modulated optical transmitter packaged in a Small Form Factor pluggable optical module. The XFP module is commonly used in 10Gb/s digital applications today. Finisar combined its high-volume Small-Form Factor module capabilities and its extensive experience in CATV optics to significantly reduce space and energy of transmitters for cable access networks. The XFP-RF transmitter can be designed into existing broadband optical platforms today to double the density and halve the power consumption of transmitters in Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks. It can also be plugged directly into next-generation infrastructure equipment, such as Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAP) currently under development, to further reduce costs for cable operators.

Finisar was also displaying its Small-Form Factor Pluggable ONU (EPON Stick) that converts standard GE media convertor into EPON Optical Network Unit replacing the need for a standalone ONU. This enables MSOs to use the same premise equipment with a pluggable port (SFP) that they use to deploy business services over point to point Ethernet and WDM to be used over EPON. Mike Holmes, Finisar Director, presented DPOE DAC (Demarc Auto-Configuration) along with Kevin Noll of Time Warner Cable, Curtis Knittle of Cable Labs and moderator Rammy Bahalul of Omnitron. Their presentation explained the DPOE DAC benefits highlighting the EPON Stick, Demarc features and the successful Time Warner Cable DAC testing.
Finisar Booth at SCTE Oct2012
Finisar Demo at SCTE Oct2012