Finisar is committed to minimizing our environmental impact throughout our entire business for all products and processes. Our environmental approach is guided by Finisar's Environmental Management System in which ISO 14001 cross functional teams appointed at individual sites comprehensively assess local environmental aspects and impacts annually and establish improvement programs and objectives based on these results. Global coordination of efforts is facilitated through a central steering committee at the corporate level. Finisar's Ipoh, Sunnyvale, Fremont and Allen sites are ISO 14001:2004 registered on a company-wide certificate. 14K certified sites undergo internal audits to assess progress and compliance, and also receive regular inspections by external certification bodies.

Finisar's vision towards minimizing our environmental footprint focuses on several key areas:

Design for Environment
Minimal waste generation, maximum material recyclability and low energy consumption are designed into the entire supply chain and product life cycle whenever possible.

Rigorous Compliance
We conduct our business while reliably and efficiently complying with all applicable environmental requirements. Compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) 2002/95/EC, established by the European Union, is a prime directive within our company. Formal EH&S systems are maintained at each site, and a comprehensive RoHS Engineering Program is in place to ensure compliance.

In addition, all Finisar products fully comply with the requirements of Phase I of the China RoHS Initiative that went into effect March 1, 2007.

In accordance with the directive's phase I requirements, all Finisar products shipped after March 1, 2007 contain the appropriate Pollution Control Logos designating the product's appropriate "environmental friendly use period". Each shipment also contains complete Product Content Disclosure documentation required by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. In addition, all associated packaging is properly marked with required China and international recycling marks.

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer focused on reducing the impact of hazardous substances to the environment and to preserving nature, Finisar Corporation continually strives for environmental materials compliance for all components and finished products that we produce. Finisar's materials restrictions are based on legal, regulatory, and market requirements.

Identifying Recycling Opportunities
We have made great strides in reducing our environmental footprint by identifying recycling opportunities, setting objectives and meeting goals in all aspects of our business, from office spaces to factory floors.

Environmentally Conscious Processes
Finisar maintains careful control over the chemical substances used in our business and factory processes, while taking steps whenever possible to minimize, substitute, and eliminate the use of substances that are potentially hazardous to the environment.

Employee Involvement
Finisar's success has always depended on the talents and commitment of our employees. This principal holds true in the area of environmental protection, and we strive to increase employee awareness of environmental issues in both company work and life in the community through a continuing program of employee environmental education.