Learn About the Colorful History of VCSEL Technology
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Finisar is recognized as the worldwide leader in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) manufacturing and technology and continues to lead the commercial application of VCSELs from our design and manufacturing facility in Allen, Texas.

Finisar's broad component product offerings have been adopted for a wide variety of applications ranging from gesture recognition to sensing, in addition to traditional data communications and telecommunications. Products include both transmit (TOSAs) and receive (ROSAs) components for applications from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and beyond, in a wide range of wavelengths. Finisar also offers high output-power VCSEL technology for Gesture Recognition and Optical Sensing applications.

Finisar also offers 1310nm FP & DFB lasers and detectors, manufactured in Fremont, California. These include 1310nm TOSAs and ROSAs for applications ranging from 100Mbps to in excess of 10Gbps, and both top and edge monitoring photodiodes.

In addition, Finisar offers Chirp Managed Lasers (CMLTM) in TOSA and Butterfly Box packages, which is a unique technology that enables the use of Directly Modulated DFB as a low-cost, compact alternative to externally modulated sources for metro and long-haul.  These are of most interest in the 80-200km transmission range.

In its fab in Stockholm, Sweden, Finisar manufactures Photonic Integrated Circuits, combining multiple functional elements in a single Indium Phosphide chip.  Lead products are the tunable lasers and tunable transmitters that are at the heart of many Finisar DWDM transceivers.

Finisar’s Berlin, Germany facility develops and produces Indium-Phosphide (InP)-based 100G high speed receivers and photodetectors in addition to InP-based IQ Mach-Zehnder modulators.  These components support the 100G coherent applications and the highly performance-orientated Test and Measurement market.  When combined with Finisar's narrow-line width tunable lasers, the receivers and modulators provide a full suite of optical components and enable Finisar to offer its customers vertically integrated modules for the 100G coherent metro and long haul markets.

For further information regarding our portfolio of component technologies, send an email to components@finisar.com

Learn more about Finisar's versatile VCSELs - with applications from your home space to outer space - by visiting www.myvcsel.com.

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