Benefits of Using SWDM4 Transceivers

  • Provides the most cost-effective optical solution for Small Cloud and Enterprise Data Center deployments of 40G/100G Ethernet.
  • Uses two fibers (duplex) instead of eight fibers like SR4, enabling significant fiber infrastructure CapEx savings.
  • Works on installed/legacy OM3/OM4 duplex multimode fiber, and it supports extended link lengths when used with new wideband OM5 duplex multimode fiber.
  • Uses patch cords with the industry-preferred duplex LC connector instead of MPO.
  • SWDM4 is backed by an industry MSA and supported by several system OEMs (see links on the right side bar). 
  • Can be tapped for performance monitoring without the use of special equipment.

Most small cloud and enterprise data centers want to upgrade their 10G Ethernet to 40G and 100G Ethernet without changing their duplex multimode fiber cabling infrastructure. Our SWDM4 transceivers enable the transmission of 40G (4x10G) and 100G (4x25G) over existing OM3/OM4 duplex multimode fiber. This means that data centers can upgrade their optical links to 40G and 100G leveraging their existing fiber infrastructure and still using the same familiar LC connectors instead of changing to MPO patch cords. For new data center builds, SWDM4 requires only 2 fibers and not 8 fibers like 40G/100G SR4. This significantly decreases the cost of deploying new trunks/structured cabling infrastructure, while still using cost-effective multimode transceivers.

For larger data centers, new OM5 wideband multimode fiber can extend the reach of SWDM4 optics, since it allows wavelengths up to 953nm to propagate further. For either existing or new data centers using 40G/100G Ethernet, SWDM4 is a great solution to decrease infrastructure cost, and/or to increase link performance.  And SWDM4 is backed by an industry alliance and MSA. Compared to proprietary "BiDi" technologies, SWDM4 supports longer link lengths and simplifies network monitoring. 

Finisar is the first optical transceiver vendor to complete reliability testing and production release of both 40G and 100G SWDM4 QSFP transceivers, which meet or exceed SWDM MSA specifications

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