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Stock Information

On what stock exchange is Finisar traded and what is the symbol?

Finisar's common shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the trading symbol FNSR.

Does Finisar have a direct purchase plan for investors?

No, Finisar does not have a direct stock purchase program for investors. You may buy and sell Finisar shares through a stockbroker or a financial institution that provides brokerage services.

When did Finisar go public?

Finisar went public on November 11, 1999.

Does Finisar pay dividends?

Finisar has not and does not expect to pay dividends on our common stock.

Who is the stock transfer agent?

Our transfer agent is American Stock Transfer, www.amstock.com or 1-800-937-5449.

How do I report a change of mailing address?

You may change your current mailing address by contacting American Stock Transfer and Trust Company at www.amstock.com or 1-800-937-5449.

How do I replace a lost or stolen certificate(s)?

You may begin the certificate replacement process by contacting American Stock Transfer and Trust Company at www.amstock.com or 1-800-937-5449.


Where does Finisar operate and how many employees does Finisar have?

Finisar's corporate headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, CA, while its primary manufacturing facilities are located in Ipoh, Malaysia, Shanghai, China, and Wuxi, China. Finisar fabricates its VCSEL lasers for datacom applications in Allen, TX, operates a fab in Fremont, CA for making DFB and FP lasers for longer distance datacom and telecom applications, and operates a tunable laser fab in Jarfalla, Sweden used primarily in our tunable XFP transceivers, primarily for telecom applications. The Company also has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Horsham, PA (USA) and as well as Australia, Germany, Korea, and Singapore. Finisar employs approximately 13,000 employees worldwide.

In what businesses does Finisar compete?

Finisar offers the industry’s broadest product portfolio of optical components and subsystems to OEMs for datacom and telecommunication applications.

How large are the markets in which the Company competes?

According to industry analyst Ovum, the total addressable market for optical components and subsystems in calendar 2017 is expected to be $12 billion. Finisar is currently the market share leader with approximately 15% of the overall optical components and subsystems in calendar 2016 having expanded its share from approximately 9% in calendar 2004.

What are the key growth drivers for this business?

Finisar’s revenue is driven primarily by growth and the demand for bandwidth from the increasing distribution and use of video, photos and digital information. In addition, data centers are becoming larger with an increasing number of longer meshed connections. This will drive increasing optical content in data centers and create more opportunities for Finisar products. The proliferation of 3D sensing applications reliant on VCSEL technology is also bringing new opportunities to Finisar's product portfolio.

Who are some of the competitors in these businesses?

Finisar competes primarily with Avago Technologies, CoAdna, Lumentum, Oclaro, Oplink, and Sumitomo.

How does Finisar seek to differentiate itself with these competitors?

Finisar offers the broadest product portfolio of optical components and subsystems for communications in the industry. In addition, Finisar is vertically integrated manufacturer. We supply all of our needs for VCSEL lasers used for datacom applications and most of our own needs for longer distance lasers used for telecom applications. We also design most of our ICs used in high volume applications of our products and have them fabricated externally in order to be able to reduce product costs and innovate more quickly than if we depended on commercial suppliers of these chips. Finally, we are only one of the few companies who assembles and tests its optical products in its own internal production facilities as opposed to using subcontract manufacturers. This capability enables the Company to better control access to its intellectual property as well as to respond more quickly to upside demand from our customers.

Who are some of the key customers for Finisar’s products?

We sell our optical products to datacom and telecom OEMs, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Brocade, Ciena, Cisco Systems, EMC, Emulex, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard Company, Huawei, IBM, Juniper, Nokia-Siemens, Qlogic and Tellabs. These OEMs, in turn, sell their systems to businesses and to enterprise and telecommunications service provider customers.

In what geographic regions does the Company sell its products?

The Company does not generally focus attention on this aspect of its business since it frequently sells its products to off-shore contract manufacturers of its key customers. As a result, international customers appear to represent a larger proportion of the company’s revenues than is really the case. In addition, our OEM customers sell throughout the world.

Has Finisar undertaken any M&A transactions?

Finisar has undertaken approximately 19 optics-related transactions since its IPO. The major catalyst for these transactions was the expansion of the Company’s product portfolio and the creation of a vertical business model where key components of the Company’s products are sourced internally in order to reduce product costs and accelerate development of new products.


What year was Finisar incorporated and in what state?

Finisar was incorporated in California in 1988 and reincorporated in Delaware on September 1, 1999.

When does Finisar's financial year begin and end?

Finisar maintains its financial records on the basis of a fiscal year beginning on or around May 1 and ending on or around April 30. Review the latest 10-K for specific dates.

When do the fiscal quarters end?

13 week quarterly periods end on a Sunday.