Infrared Light for Measuring, Sensing and Controlling our Environment

Most consumers are familiar with gesture recognition as part of a user interface that senses touch or finger motion, such as is used in portable devices with touchscreens like tablets. The full range of applications possible with 3D sensing, however, is much wider.

By passing unseen, infrared light through an optical element (which spreads the light into a structured pattern or a sheet of light), systems are able to capture depth information across an entire room. This enables a person to control games or their entire entertainment center with physical gestures. In future mobile devices, 3D sensing will augment camera capabilities to enable object recognition, capture depth data in an image or augment reality as seen through the device’s camera.

Finisar’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology brings together the advantages of low cost and optical efficiency within a small footprint. VCSELs have the advantage of wavelength stability over temperature and are directionally focused to maximize output efficiency. With its focused, coherent light, a VCSEL is 10 times more efficient than an LED in similar packaging. To meet the needs of our gesture and 3D sensing customers, Finisar technology can be integrated with other optical elements, electronic drivers, and control logic, all within the same package. Alternatively, Finisar's components can be customized to meet the specific precision, power, size, packaging, and cost constraints for specific applications.