Next Generation DWDM Solutions are High-density, Flexible, and Pluggable

Increased network traffic from applications such as wireless backhaul and cloud computing have the industry searching for transport solutions that offer greater flexibility and higher spectral efficiency to increase network utilization.  Today’s mesh networks are based on tunable 10G and first generation WSS technology.  Coherent detection and FlexGrid(R) WSS’s are key enablers for next generation SDN architectures and Finisar continues to be at the forefront as these markets evolve.

Finisar offers a broad DWDM portfolio that includes tunable transceivers at both 10G and 100G, WSS’s, and optical amplifiers.  Finisar’s differentiating component technology enables an unmatched level of vertical integration.  Products are available in component, module, linecard, and chassis form factors.  From DWDM XFP to CFP2-ACO, Finisar continues to be a consistent industry leader in the transition to high-density pluggable transceivers for transport applications.