ROADMs & Wavelength Management

UltraSpan® 1RU EDFA

Finisar's UltraSpan® EDFAs are network-ready managed 1RU rack units designed to support long links which require amplification.

The product can be operated as a fully independent Network Element, or integrated into an existing NE, using a comprehensive and user-friendly GUI or SNMP/RS232 communications, and is an excellent solution for immediate deployment of EDFA-based systems.

The unit includes a built-in option for remote management and monitoring of the amplifier via an optical supervisory channel (OSC) which carries out-of-band (1510nm/1610nm) management data between the in-line amplifiers and the amplifiers located at the terminal stations. Thus, all UltraSpan Inline Amplifiers along the link are connected to one another via the OSC carrying standard Ethernet, and can be accessed and managed from any of the terminal or in-line locations. As with all UltraSpan products, the unit includes an SNMP agent and GUI-based web server enabling easy management and monitoring by accessing its IP address from any of the Ethernet ports located on the UltraSpan products along the link.

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