Optical Transceivers

200G/100G Tunable C-Band CFP2-ACO Coherent Optical Transceiver


Form Factor:

Finisar's FTLC3321x3NL CFP2 Analog Coherent Optics (ACO) transceiver module is designed to support high density line card applications with the coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) on the host board.  The Class 2 FTLC332U3NL module with a linear RF interface can support spectral shapin as well as multiple modulation formats to achieve optimized balancing of transmission reach and data rate requirements.  The module can be tuned across the full C-band, with optional Flexgrid® support.  The FTLC3321x3NL transceiver conforms to the OIF-CFP2-ACO-01.0 implementation agreement.  The optical transceiver is compliant per RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.  See Finisar Application Note AN-2038 for more details.

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