Optical Transceivers

Transceivers and Transponders for Datacom and Telecom Applications
Finisar's broad product selection and innovative technology have made us the optical module manufacturer of choice for all major networking equipment vendors worldwide. We have taken a leading role in transforming the datacommunications and telecommunications equipment market from utilizing discrete optical components to leveraging the design and pay-as-you-grow flexibility offered by pluggable modules. Our products are fully compliant with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, SONET/SDH/OTN, CPRI and PON standards and operate at data rates in excess of 100 Gb/s. They are capable of distances ranging from very short reach within a data center to campus, access, metro, and long-haul reaches. They feature outstanding performance over extended voltage and temperature ranges, while minimizing jitter, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and power dissipation.

Finisar's Patented Digital Diagnostics
Finisar's transceivers feature a microprocessor and diagnostics interface that provide performance information on the data link. Users can remotely monitor - in real-time - received optical power, transmitted optical power, laser bias current, transceiver input voltage and transceiver temperature of any transceiver in the network. These digital diagnostic functions provide network managers with a highly accurate, cost-effective tool for implementing reliable performance monitoring.

Form Factor:
300 m
Data Rate (max):
135.6 Gb/s
850nm Band
10x Fibre Channel Compatible
10 Gigabit Ethernet Compatible
40G Ethernet Compatible
100G Ethernet Compliant
IB QDR Compliant
IB SDR Compatible
Form Factor:
2 km
Data Rate (max):
2.67 Gb/s
1310nm Band
Optical Gigabit Ethernet Compliant
1x Fibre Channel Compliant
2x Fibre Channel Compliant
SONET OC-3 Compatible
SONET OC-12 Compatible
SONET OC-48 Compliant
Wireless CPRI Compliant