1.2 GHz Pluggable XFP-RF Transmitter Host System

Finisar’s XFP-RF transmitter rack-mounted host system is specifically designed around the new XFP-RF transmitter module to provide high module density and low power consumption in cable operators hubs and headends. Ten full-band DOCSIS 3.1 HFC transmitters can be deployed in this 1 rack-unit high chassis. For each transmitter port, the host system provides individual RF amplification and adjustable RF attenutation to optimize the optical module index on each XFP-RF transmitter. The embedded controller includes a web browser user interface that allows the transmitter modules to be configured through one of the two Ethernet SNMP ports. Also, an element management system can remotely monitor and control the transmitter modules by connecting the system to an IP network.

The host system can be powered with either one AC power supply or one DC power supply in the rear of the chassis. For redundancy, a second power supply can be utilized. For complete powering redundancy in headends or hubs, one AC power supply and one DC power supply can be used.

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