ROADMs & Wavelength Management

1x2/1x4 Flexgrid® Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS)


Featuring up to four switching ports, the 1x2/1x4 Flexgrid® Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) by Finisar enables programmable optical channel switching and attenuation through the proprietary use of Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology. It provides advanced functionality through embedded software in a compact module designed for low cost reconfigurable network edge applications.

Each optical channel within the WSS can be independently and hitlessly switched to any port with full attenuation control. Finisar's Flexgrid® technology provides dynamic control of the channel widths within the WSS, the key element in a Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM). Once deployed, channel plans are configurable 'on-the-fly', meaning that channel bandwidths can be adjusted to most efficiently carry future demands as they arise.

This fully integrated intelligent module offers flexible, upgradeable WSS functionality and excellent optical performance in a compact module that addresses high density card design requirements.

Flexgrid® is available on all Finisar WSS product lines.

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