ROADMs & Wavelength Management

Variable Gain Dual Stage EDFA

II-VI's Variable Gain Dual Stage EDFA provides flattened gain across the C-band, low noise figure, and a large dynamic gain range (up to 15 dB). The product includes advanced features such as comprehensive transient control, tunable mid-stage access (MSA) loss, and gain tilting functionality. The Variable Gain Dual Stage EDFA can be implemented in all network segments (long-haul, regional, metro and access) and for all network applications (telecom, cable and enterprise).

The Variable Gain EDFA can be provided in two possible configurations:

  • With mid-stage access - allowing a dispersion compensating fiber to be placed at the amplifier mid-stage.
  • East/West - for ROADM applications comprising two completely independent variable gain EDFA gain stages, ensuring maximum network design flexibility. This configuration is also useful for packaging two single stage variable gain amplifiers within a single module, leading to cost and space savings.

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