Sensing Components

940nm High Power VCSEL Die in Ceramic Package with Diffuser


High Powered VCSELs

Finisar's HVS7000 product line employs a custom AlN single cavity package with a recessed cavity to robustly integrate an optic such as a diffuser. This series, along with Finisar's high power 2D array VCSEL die, are AECQ and Jedec qualified.  Stable performance over operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C, coupled with best in class reliability and lifetimes, make Finisar VCSELs suitable for any industry. Several product choices are commercially available - from suitable for quasi CW operation to devices specially designed to provide the highest peak power density for Time-of-Flight (ToF) applications. 

HVS7000-004 with greater than 2W CW is capable of greater than 15W peak power with pulse widths of less than 10ns and duty cycle of less than 1% and has a wide FOV of 110x85.

Contact sales [at] for customization of power levels, FOV and packaging.

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