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The Benefit of Optics (wiki)
Wikinvest describes the Fiber Optics Industries and provides information on benefits of fiber optics. Wikinvest also provides resource tools to look up an analysis of various companies in the industry as well as their current quote and news.

How Fiber Optics Work (how stuff works)
"How Stuff Works?" is part of The Discovery Company that provides interested readers insight into how various communication technology actually works in an extremely reader friendly way. In this article they explain how fiber optics work using resources like a video, diagram and describes the individual components of Fiber optics.

The Birth of Fiber Optics (
This article on describes the timeline of the birth and evolution of fiber optics, while providing short descriptions of how each innovation came about.

What are Optics and Photonics? (OSA)
The Optical Society provides generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics. This article briefly describes what optics and photonics are, as well as provides information on how optics and photonics technology enhances certain areas of life.

Wikipedia Definition of Fiber Optics (Wiki)
This is Wikipedia’s detailed page on the definition, birth, evolution, application and current state of fiber optics.

Optics for Kids (OSA)
Optics for teens is a website provided by the OSA (The Optical Society) in order to present topics of optic technology in fun and exciting ways to teenagers. This page titled "Exploring the Science of Light" encourages and reminds students to have fun with science while still teaching them about optics and other topics.

The Fiber Optic Association, Inc (FOA)
The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) is a non-profit professional society of fiber optics. This is their home webpage that provides interested visitors with a plethora of various resources about Fiber optics, including: video tutorials on optic cable preparation, online reference guides, and links to schools and training programs.

Useful Books

Optical Fiber Telecommunications Volume VIA: Components and Subsystems
Ivan Kaminow, Tingye Li and Alan E Willner

Optical Fiber Telecommunications Volume VIB: Systems and Networks (Optics and Photonics)
Ivan Kaminow, Tingye Li and Alan E Willner

Introduction to Fiber Optics
John Crisp and Barry Elliott

Fiber Optic Reference Guide
David Goff

FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics: Study Guide to FOA Certification
Jim Hayes

Optical Fiber Communications
Gerd Keiser

Optical Networking: A Wiley Tech Brief
Debra Cameron

Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective
Rajiv Ramaswami and Kumar N. Sivarajan

Technician's Guide to Fiber Optics
Donald J. Sterling Jr.

Thomas' Telecom & Networking Dictionary
Thomas M. Thomas II

Understanding Telecommunications and Lightwave Systems: An Entry-Level Guide
John G. Nellist