Wavelength Management, ROADMs, WSS and Amplifiers

Finisar offers a variety of market-leading products for wavelength management applications.  Our products address both Reconfigurable and Fixed Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing (OADM) and include Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) and Optical Channel Monitors (OCM) with Flexgrid® technology, Amplifiers and Fixed Grid MUX/DEMUX Plug-in modules.

Our WSS products provide wavelength selective switch capabilities for flexible grid or fixed-grid (50 and 100GHz ITU grids) channel plans for transmission rates ranging from 10G, 40G, 100/200/400G coherent and future high-speed/mixed modulation applications. The modules' advanced functionalities include custom mechanical, electrical and/or software interfaces plus in-service non-traffic affecting upgrade capability. 

Our Flexgrid® High Resolution OCM features unprecedented resolution, power and frequency accuracy offering future-proof, instrument level performance in an ultra-compact, cost effective optical networking component.

Our EDFAs and Raman amplifiers address all network segments (access, metro, regional and long haul) and network applications (telecom, cable, and enterprise).  Finisar offers innovative solutions for many of the industry's most pressing challenges.  The amplifier portfolio includes the UltraSpan® product family, EDFA and Raman modules, and a Low Latency product suite.

The MUX/DEMUX Plug-in modules are passive optical multiplexers/demultiplexers designed for metro access applications. Finisar's state-of-the-art design enables cost-effective, easy to provision, unidirectional network traffic rings and point-to-point links.